Political Australia

About us

Imagine a political environment where all parties are transparent and selecting a party to support is as simple as comparing shirt sizes. Well, unfortunately in sunny Australia we are a long way away from that (in fact, the same could be said about any other democracy).

Still, that won’t stop us from trying to shed a little light on the matter! Our aim is to cut through the media hype by offering an impartial comparison of the policies and positions behind each of Australia’s most popular federal parties; namely the Australian Labor Party, the Australian Liberal Party and The Greens.

What Political Australia’s agenda?

Honestly, it’s really simple. We want to empower people with information so that they may vote for the party which aligns most to their values. There is no right or wrong answer here, each individual is entitled to their opinion.

In no shape or form do we favour one party over another. If you believe we have misrepresented a party, please Contact us to share your thoughts or post a comment on the our Home Page!