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It's important to compare Australian Political parties. Here's why!

Posted by   PoliticalAustralia on    January 3, 2017

This might seem like a dull question, but it's more important than you'd expect. All too often we see people blindly following a party without paying close attention to their political standings and policies.

Without taking a regular moment to pause and compare the parties, you could be left following a party which no longer aligns to your political standing. A long running trend we've seen is all of the major federal parties slowly shifting to the right. The Australian Liberal Party has traditionally sat on the mid-right side of the political spectrum, with the Australian Labor Party traditionally sitting to the mid-left. That left the Australian Greens sitting on the far left.

At present, we can see how far they have moved! The Liberal party still arguably sits on the mid-right, but so does the Labor party! Albeit still more to the left. The Greens on the other hand have moved from quite an extreme left party to one sitting comfortably on the left, although we would not go as far as saying they are mid-left (yet).

The interesting challenge for voters in the 2016 Federal Election, was differentiating between the standing and policies of Labor and Liberal (which is exactly why we created Political Australia!).

So, do you read up on the party you're supporting regularly?