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Political Wrap Up: One week to go!

Posted by   PoliticalAustralia on    September 1, 2013

With only two weeks to go until the 2013 election, the Australian Labor and Liberal Parties are neck and neck in media polls; and the leader of each party knows it! Things are starting to get heated, so here's a snapshot of the week's happenings in Australian Politics:

  • Rudd officially launched the Labor election campaign from Brisbane.
  • Abbott announced that by Thursday 5 of September, Liberal’s policy costings will be made public. In order to abate voter concerns, he implied that spending cuts will not impact ordinary Australians.
  • Rudd outlined his support for a US lead intervention in Syria on the back off alleged use of Chemical Weapons against citizens. Abbot opposed this position, stating that Australia did not have the Military means to help.
  • Liberal confirmed that if elected they will match Labor's commitment to build 10 new Headspace mental health centres across Australia.

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