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Poll in 2 sleeps: Internet Filters, Costings & Labor keeping quiet

Posted by   PoliticalAustralia on    September 5, 2013

Put on your voting hat, only two sleeps to go until the 2013 federal election! Today the Liberal party announces the policy costings, releases and retracts an internet filtering policy, and all the while Labor just waits for the final polls!

Coalition Costings Announced
Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey today announced final policy costings and budget cuts which will result in significant cuts to foreign aid spending. Hockey claims the cuts are necessary to "grow" Australia's economy. 

"We can only be a more generous nation to the rest of the world if we have a strong Australian economy," he said. "And so we are reducing the growth in foreign aid by $4.5 billion over the forward estimates to fund essential infrastructure here in Australia."

Liberal intends to spend savings primarily on infrastructure projects, including $1.5 billion on Melbourne's East West Link, $1.5 billion on Sydney's WestConnex and another $1 billion on an upgrade to Brisbane's Gateway Motorway.

The Liberal Party says this along with other smaller custs bring the total amount of budget savings to approximately $40 billion.

Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has slammed the figures as a "farce". "They've been hiding their costings and we know why. There's some shockers in this document."

The Liberal Party expects to earn $93 million through a "stopping the boats dividend". This will be balanced by $75 million worth of costs this year by keeping the fringe benefit tax exemption on company cars, which will amount to $1.9 billion over the next four years.

The party says its 1.5 per cent paid parental leave levy on big business will earn $300 million in each of the first two years of operation. It is tipped to increase to $3.8 billion in 2016-17, though it is unclear what is behind this increase.

Liberal Internet Filter
Early Thursday, the Liberal party released a document on enhancing child safety online forcing mobile phone operators and internet providers to install filtering services to block adult content.

This policy was quickly retracted a few hours later leading to much confusion within the Liberal Party. In particular, this lead to the Liberal's communication spokesman Malcolm Turnbull promoting the policy on Triple J's Hack, before quickly retracting it. Awkward!               

Labor? Just sitting quiet!
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has used his last set-piece address to the nation before Saturday's election to attack the Coalition as "cynical" and defend Labor's time in office.

In the mean time Mr Rudd is spending his time campaigning in western Sydney where a number of Labor Party held electorates are in threat of swinging to Liberal. It seems their strategy is to lay low and keep quiet in the lead up to the election!


So how does Liberal's costing impact you? Is the cut in foreign aid an un-just move or does it give Australia room to grow and improve aid in the future? Add a comment to our Home Page!